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Need a new job?
Mexec Careers offers and delivers expert, individualised advice and support to candidates searching for work.
You may be an experienced Executive Director who has not written a CV for many years or a young student just starting on their career journey. mexec careers can tailor our services to meet your individual requirements.

What we do sets us apart, as we really understand you through a proven thorough and in-depth analysis of your requirements and needs.

Professional Résumé Writing

A new, high quality professional résumé will get you to that interview and will give you the opportunities that you are seeking.

Social Media, LinkedIn Profile Writing & Training

Having a presence on social media is becoming an essential part of the mexec jobstrategy ™ journey.
mexec careers can tailor a profile to your industry and ensure that you are able to connect and access the hidden job market opportunities.
Contact us to talk further about the individually based one on one service we provide.

Interview Training

mexec careers provides interview training and support in preparation for the interview. Just one hour of your time in preparation can mean the difference between that next career step or not.

mexec careers has assisted 100’s of candidates across many industries.

Executive Directors

Researchers & Academics

Laboratory & Technical

Business Development

Engineers & IT

Operations Management

Customer Service

National Sales Managers



Lawyers & Solicitors


Important things to remember about a Résumé

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