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Job Search Assistance

How can mexec careers help you secure your next career opportunity?

Follow the 10 Steps with mexec careers to gain the next career opportunity.


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1. What are your goals?

A comprehensive discussion on where you are and where you want to be.


2. Résumé writing & formatting

A professional and well-presented CV WILL make a difference. The résumé/CV is about opening the door to an interview. It must be the absolute best representation of you.


3. Cover Letters

Do you really need one? How to capture the role and you in just one page.


4. Social Media

The growing importance of LinkedIn and your social media presence. We ensure that you look professional and can be found by potential employers.


5. Advertisements

Advertisement and sources of employment roles. Over 30 sites to search for opportunities. Should you really apply for a role or not?


6. Networking

Is it essential? How to find the hidden market roles that don’t get advertised.


7. Recruiters

How to work with them effectively, and how to find employment through them.


8. Interviews

The résumé opened the door, now it’s about securing the position. Preparation for interviews, which includes one on one training. Types of questions you may be asked and how to answer them. Questions for you to ask.


9. Ongoing support is provided

Provision of reviews and support to get you on your way is part of our service.


10. Terms of Business

100% Guarantee. You are invoiced only when all work is completed and you are happy. Payment plans are available for those out of work and students.



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