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News Update #4

Posted By  
16:40 PM

It has been a very busy and exciting year of growth for marilyn careers as we have undertaken many new recruitment roles for Australian & multinational organisations. See a snapshot here.

I am extremely proud that Marilyn Careers has assisted many individuals in securing new opportunities. My analysis for this last year shows over 75% have secured new roles within 6 months. Over 65% of new business has been from referrals of my services from past customers, so a very big thank you to those who have passed on my details.

Please also review our NEW website at www.mexeccareers.com where you can find out more about Marilyn & marilyn careers services and how we can assist you or your organisation.  


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Out & about with Marilyn 



 Marilyn at Bio

Visiting the BIO2017 conference in San Diego has been on my 'bucket list' for over 15 years. I had the amazing experience of hearing talks from innovative and leading scientists that are developing technology that would have only thought to have been science fiction a short time ago. An article on Craig Venter by Forbes will give you a glimpse of some of the new areas of science on the horizon.


 I thoroughly enjoyed being invited to 3 careers panels and presenting a workshop for The University of Melbourne to assist their Master of Biotechnology students on how to articulate their expertise into their CV's. I still recall that very lost feeling of not knowing which way to turn when I was a young graduate and it's great to see that Universities provide much more support for graduates.

I have received a very personal reward from speaking with students who have felt they benefited from my experience and that of my over 20 years experience in science, business & recruitment.
Personal development is essential and one of the key areas is ongoing training and development to keep up in today's ever-changing environment. See below for links to websites that are free and I have found of interest.


I have had the pleasure of working as a recruitment adviser hiring new staff for the not for profit, The Australian Multicultural Community Services. I was also invited to present a 4 session workshop with immigrants on how to secure work in the Australian market. It is great to see the good work that AMCS does with many communities across Victoria.

Job Search Tips


To articulate your experience you need to combine your hard skills with your soft skills and bring them together with a verb. Not sure how to do it? Talk with Marilyn Careers on how to articulate your expertise into your CV and interview.

Transferable skills


Articulation tips



Jen, one of my favourite writers at Espresso Science.
Wake up easier and other health checks info.
Both are correct? Adviser or Advisor
 Website to find information on others. Hoovers.
Job Outlook Government website on all things work & careers.
Global staffing outlook.
Staff Discipline issues? Free seminar on how to lawfully work through issues.
Take out the HTML code in a document. Great for cleaning up formatting issues. 
Free apprecord my hours enables you to keep a track of the hours you work.
Popplet to generate ideas and plan projects. My 10 year old uses it at school..
Free pictures Check out the link for a number of websites to source free pictures.
The internet really slow? Check out its speed & then IT support.
Need to check if its just you or everyone cant see your website if its down?
Want to know if your ideal domain name is taken? 
Running a business? This latest government article links you to some great tools.
6 of the best recruitment questions to ask and why by SEEK.
X-ray search of LinkedIn by recruitmentgeek to find people with the skills you need.
gfclearn from Microsoft Office offers more than 2,000 lessons for free.