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News Update #3

Posted By  
16:39 PM

Welcome to mexec careers News Update # 3

Interviews online or just want to chat to friends & family?

Check out Appear.in


It’s like the person is in the room with you. Great website that I have been using for interviews.
No subscriptions required. You can also have up to 8 in a room all over the world talking together.


I can Find You!

Do you ever find yourself frustrated because your contact has changed jobs and not updated their email address?


Have you lost connection with someone and want to know their new email address is?


Some amazing new tools available to find you or your lost colleagues email address or details on the internet. Just a few of the many new tools available. Some are even free! (at least for the moment..)


Email Hunter
Hiring Solved



Interested in adding coursework and training from top universities like MIT or Harvard University to your resume?

Check out resources like edX and Coursera for free and low-cost offerings.GClearnfree has some other great FREE online training programs in office, technology and even writing apps.


Do you know that it has been predicted that over 40% of current employment roles will no longer exist in 10 years.


Check out the Australian Governments Productivity Commissions 2016 report on digital disruption.


Employer Tips

A few hints from informative websites that include HR Daily, SEEK, Forbes and government. I agree with most of what they have to say so happy to share and hope it helps you keep up to date.


Click on each to find out more.


Taking on new staff checklist. Obligations do change so keep up to date.


What are your obligations and rights with Christmas approaching towards your staff and leave? You must give staff enough notice if you want them to take the christmas holidays as leave.


Common mistakes that could leave you legally exposed from interviews. So many times I hear horror stories from candidates on questions they are asked at interview by hirers who have no idea on the legality of what they can and cannot ask.


Not sure what you should be paid or can pay your staff?


Pay calculations made easy. A handy government website.


Updates to annual leave entitlements. Your staff can now cash out up to 2 weeks of annual leave.


Paying interns and ensure you’re legally meeting your obligations. Internships are a great opportunity for graduates and for you. Just make sure you are paying them appropriately


Reference checks I think are still important. I use them to assess a person’s skills or attributes that may need to be kept a watch on and it helps me ensure that what is said in interview actually aligns with their employment history. Make sure you do them right and contact Marilyn Careers for further advice.


Need staff or more resources? Ask Marilyn Careers about our specialist tailored recruitment services.

Job Seeker Extras

BBC article on how employers and recruiters are stalking you on social media


Need some interview tips? Just remember a lot of it is preparation.


Want to do some more training but don’t know where to find the right course? Government website on all the courses in Australia.


Are you a graduate? Check out this website for graduates.


What's teh difference? When do you use one versus the other?

In Australia we often use the words CV and Résumé interchangeably.


CV or Curriculum Vitae: Has absolutely everything listed. Historically CV’s are used more in academic and university roles. They include all your publications and scholarship details.


Résumé: A shorter summary of your CV. 3-5 pages max. These are used more in industry/commercial roles and should be targeted at the role you are applying to.


Bio: A page and/or paragraph summary of you. They are too short for utilisation for applying to a role as they do not contain enough detail, however they can be used in conjunction with your CV. They are often used as a networking tool, as an introduction before meeting an employer, on websites for companies and in the proceedings for conferences. Check out my Bio.


LinkedIn Profiles: Depending on the industry and role you are trying to attract it should include some of your Bio and some of your CV/ Résumé but re-formatted to present your story well. As a professional you should definitely have an up to date LinkedIn profile. As a recruiter I utilise it as one of my tools to find candidates for companies everyday, and companies do review these regularly as part of the recruitment process.


Do you still need a Résumé/CV at all? Absolutely.


Many organisations utilize the multiple of jobs boards to advertise a role. They still require you to send in your CV. This is not going to change in the short term. A LinkedIn profile only contains a summary and to be screened and interviewed properly a CV or resume is still a tool that is utilised and will be for a while yet.


Why are keywords important in your CV & profiles and why do I need to think about this?


Many of the data bases that recruiters, employers and also LinkedIN are looking for key words in your CV. If you don’t have enough of the key word or skill in your CV that I am looking for you may never come up in a search. You will be in the database but never actually actively screened. Lost forever… wasted applications.


Need help with writing your CV, Résumé, Bio or LinkedIn? Contact Marilyn Careers to talk through what is best for you and how we can help you to ensure that you succeed in your job search.