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mexec memo September 2019

Posted By Marilyn Jones  
12:00 PM

mexec memo

Welcome to our quarterly newsletter with a new name and a new look!


We'll keep you up-to-date with the latest jobs, interesting articles and what's happening in the industry.


You may have received newsletters in the past from Marilyn Careers, but as we're now known as mexec careers don't forget to add our new email address to your contacts.


Latest blogs

Call me! Why recruiters want you to pick up the phone


I have advertised a number of roles in the last few weeks and there have been very few phone calls. 

Why am I concerned? All of the roles have phone calls and good communication skills as part of the role. Particularly for human resources and sales roles - no one called for nearly three weeks. I have my phone number there for you. So, why do you not call? I'm really interested to know why. 

  1. Is it because you don't think employers will reply? All the other recruiters and employers don't so you have given up. 
  2. Perhaps you don't like using the phone? Email is less intrusive and easier anyway.
  3. Are you only pressing send in case you look okay for the role and the "gods" will decide if it's your lucky day (along with the other 100-plus people that are wasting their time and ours)?
  4. Do you just get the bots normally anyway? It can be okay but you would rather deal with a person so you don't bother as it normally takes half an hour to get an answer anyway. 
  5. Are there other reasons?

Click here to read the full article.


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Too Much or Too Little- what's the difference between a resume and a CV?

No, not that way. This way...- some tips on what not to do on a CV


Current Opportunities


Company Profile - Genetic Signatures


Jackson, Tony, Sherin and Madeline from Genetic Signatures pictured with their CEO John Melki


Genetic Signatures develops and commercialises a suite of Real-Time PCR-based products or Pathogen Detection Kits for the routine detection of infectious diseases. 


Their 3base™ technology and EasyScreen™ products provide hospital and pathology laboratories with the molecular tools to screen for a wide array of infectious pathogens in a rapid and high-throughput environment.


25 years ago, I used to work in a microbiology laboratory streaking plates/strips to determine what were the microbes. Now it's great to be working with an Australian company at the forefront of speeding up the detection of infectious diseases. Having personally had my children, family and myself hospitalised due to infections it's good to know that tools for speeding up diagnosis are being developed here on our doorstep.


I met with the team recently in Sydney to share a pizza and to catch up with the latest staff that I had helped them recruit.


Industry events

Industry events and conferences are a great way to network with peers and provide you with educational, business development and partnership opportunities.


Here is a snapshot of some of key industry conferences that I've attended recently and my highlights from each:



BIO 2019

June 3-6 Philadelphia USA


Much of the discussions were iterations of the many conversations already happening in Australia. It was great to see that we have a finger on the pulse and are at the forefront of developments.

  • Artificial Intelligence and what is it really? Understand and embrace it to assist you in your role.
  • People and personal touch is still very much in demand.
  • Antibiotic resistance. If antibiotics are continued to be used as a last resort, will companies continue with R&D in this area?

Bioshares Biotech Summit 2019

July 26-27 Queenstown NZ


Lots of compelling talks from leading and emerging drug, medical device and diagnostics companies. It was a great opportunity to meet and hear from them as well as life science investors and licensing teams.


Great to see an array of early start ups to now more mature companies starting to make headways. I was very interested to see new companies in the gut microbiome sector such as Microba and also AusCann in the medicinal cannabis area stand out as companies with some solid and credible science behind them.


I have also been fortunate from the networking to gain a new client to work with that has another world leading medtech technology. More to come on them another time...


ARCS 2019 Annual Conference

Putting patients at the centre of healthcare


The team at Commercial Eyes used their booth for a fundraising initiative for Purple House- a charity providing health services in remote communities. Well done Andrew and the team!


Great insights from patients and patient advocates. I was delighted to sit next to Jacqueline Everett from the Australian Parkinson's Mission and also Janelle Bowden from Research4me.


Essentially all the patient wants to know if that there is a quicker, faster and cheaper way to get better and they want a clinical trial that can help. 


Some interesting talks on managing data, ethics, streamlining and trying to make clinical trials better and more efficient for Australia.  Something has to be done or we will lose clinical trials to other countries.


I saw this new app just released this week called Clintrial refer app that has a list of many of the clinical trials available.


Upcoming conferences and events


QLD Women in Life Sciences Luncheon 2019

6 September - Brisbane


Human Proteome (HUPO) 2019 Congress

15-19 September - Adelaide


MTAA MedTech 19

19-20 September - Sydney


The MedTech Conference 2019

23-25 September - Boston, USA


ACTA International Clinical Trials Conference

2-5 October - Sydney

Australasian Genomic Technologies Association 2019 Conference

7-9 October - Melbourne


15-17 October - Adelaide



27-30 October- Las Vegas, USA


Malaria in Melbourne 2019

28-29 October - Melbourne


Functional High Throughput Technologies Australia (FHTTA) 2019

30-31 October - Canberra


AusBiotech 2019

30 October - 1 November- Melbourne


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Links of interest


LinkedIn Learning (used to be called Lynda) expert-led, online courses and video tutorials for a range of topics. High quality content.


Unsplash provides free useable stock images


HR Daily Great to subscribe for daily updates on HR interest articles. Good for any manager.


Business.gov.au Even if you don't run a business. This website can be of interest for keeping abreast of industry and business news. 


BioMedVic Like clockwork on a Friday I receive an email on the latest scientific talks about Melbourne. Keep an eye on what's going on around Victoria in the research sector. All normally free events. 


We'd also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support of mexec careers and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.