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Posted By Marilyn Jones  
17:00 PM

I have advertised a number of roles these last few weeks and there have been VERY FEW phone calls.


Why am I concerned?


The roles all require phone calls & good communication skills to be part of the roles.

Particularly a Human Resources and Sales role. NO ONE CALLED for nearly 3 weeks,... until one for the HR role did just on Friday.

I have my phone number there for you. Why do you not call? really interested to know why?

1. Don't think employers will reply? All the other recruiters & employers don't so you have given up?

2. You don't like using the phone? Email is less intrusive and easier anway.

3. You are only pressing send on the job button just in case you look ok for the role and the 'GODS' will decide its your lucky day ( you and the other 100+ people that are wasting their time & ours)

4. You just get the bots normally anyway. Can be ok but you would rather deal with a person so you don't bother as normally takes 1/2 hour to get an answer anyway?

5.. other reasons.....?


As a recruiter, I still like a call. WE WILL REPLY- eventually. If we don't then let us know & we will at least send you an email in response I would hope.

I know I speak to many candidates and they complain that employers don't bother calling them back or they can never get onto the person they need to. If the number is there I do encourage you to at least try.

It can make a difference. I often interview on the spot and have filled roles from those that call, so be prepared for the interview.

By the way, the one that called on Friday will be going for interview. Not only did I assess his communication skills as being excellent, he was quietly confident and capable in answering all my questions. Tick Tick Tick.

Another one that I wonder is :


6. You actually don't read then position description and so miss out on seeing that there is a phone number?


Number 6 point is that you actually don't read the position description is another whole blog on its own however just a few points I would like to highlight for you today:


I suggest that you take a highlighter, whether it be on WORD or printed out and written and highlight the key words and also key selection criteria.

Make sure that you address each of the selection criteria with your expertise throughout your CV & also in the cover letter ( see last blog to cover or not to cover)


I have had 3 people apply to my roles in the last week but they have addressed it to the wrong job and wrong person. One was a competitive agency. Strike one against those soft skills (blog 1 +2) we have talked about with regards to 'attention to detail capabilities' or in their case.. their lack of attention to detail.


Do you also know it's often the last criteria on a position description that can be the most important differentiator?

Many roles have criteria that seem fairly generic & essential and then there will be the one or two near the end that says something like:

Expertise in x highly desirable�

Many I speak to take that as not important. It says.. desirable and all the other is essential so what emphasis should I place on that criteria?

I BELIEVE A LOT. If there are 2 candidates with equally good expertise on the selection criteria, however one has the x highly desirable. Hiring managers will go with the one with the highly desirable.


So for example:


'Expertise in cancer research is highly desirable'


If your applying and you have all the criteria and you also have the last one and you have expertise in plant sciences. Which do you think will be chosen?


So next time your applying to a role. Read the position description carefully. Make sure you articulate in your cover letter the information against each of them, however, sometimes start early on in your cover letter and also CV about that LAST DESIRABLE criteria, but at the beginning of the letter...


e.g.I bring over 10 years of experience in cancer research & stakeholder engagement...


So next time, read the PD carefully, pick up the phone and ask a few questions relevant to the role and also make sure your CV can demonstrate it well and I believe you will stand a better chance of reaching your goal of the interview and hopefully your next career move as you have demonstrated your communication skills.