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Beware the would..

Posted By Marilyn Jones,
01/09/2019 17:00 PM
While you can't prepare for all interview questions, it's best to be prepared for as many as you can.   You can make educated guesses and at least start to prepare answers that are relevant to areas the employer might be looking for, that are in the position...

One legged race

Posted By Marilyn Jones,
01/09/2019 17:00 PM
Recently a friend was asked to go for a 'chat' about a new role. The hiring manager said it was just to get to know them better. Unfortunately, it was not. It ended up being a full-on behavioural interview that went for over an hour. My friend felt betrayed by the hirin...

Recruiters Behaving Badly

Posted By Marilyn Jones,
01/09/2019 16:00 PM
Recently, I heard more bad recruiter stories from candidates searching for new roles. When recruiters behave badly it damages all recruiter brands, the company brand (including yours, if you're hiring) and the candidate brand (you, if you're job searching). You may...

Stone Throwing

Posted By Marilyn Jones,
01/09/2019 16:00 PM
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will harm you.   For one week I collated the emails addressed to me: Marylyn, Marylin, Merrilyn, Mariilyn, Merilyn, Sir/Madam, many with nothing at all.   And the winner is Marylyn. It was used more...

Why not me?

Posted By Marilyn Jones,
01/09/2019 16:00 PM
What does Google, PwC, PayPal and Pickled Egg Records have in common with me? We all started in 1998. As I like to say, it's when I started in 'my career in the careers of others'. Since then, I have remained fascinated by what people do for work. I can't help myself...

News Update #4

Posted By ,
24/05/2019 16:40 PM
It has been a very busy and exciting year of growth for marilyn careers as we have undertaken many new recruitment roles for Australian & multinational organisations. See a snapshot here. I am extremely proud that Marilyn Careers has...

News Update #3

Posted By ,
24/05/2019 16:39 PM
Welcome to mexec careers News Update # 3 Interviews online or just want to chat to friends & family? Check out Appear.in   It’s like the person is in the room with you. Great website that I have been using for interviews.No subscriptions...

News Update #2

Posted By ,
24/05/2019 16:00 PM
If you are connected with me on LinkedIn you will note that I have started a tip of the week. These tips relate to incidents that week. Included this week are a few of the tips to keep in mind, and some links to events & articles that I find...

News Update #1

Posted By ,
24/05/2019 16:00 PM
Welcome to mexec careers News Update and brand new website I would like to keep you informed, and link you to information that I find interesting.   Interesting Websites: New Events: Group of Interest: Helpful Advice: Mine this week Visit the...